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Now You Know (Source)

Also, when they filmed that scene, the only people allowed in the room was the two doing the scene and the director.

This was the one they showed us when we read Romeo and Juliet in high school. My teacher was not amused by the nekkidness, but she let us watch it anyway.

Our teacher covered Romeo’s butt with his hand. But then his butt moved and our teacher didn’t notice.

In high school our teacher would show this version to her class up until the year I took her class.  This is because the previous year when my brother had her class when they showed the scene my brother got up and started clapping… And so did the rest of the class.  Needless to say she decided not to show the film at all after that.  I’m such a proud little brother.

Okay so if you’ve seen this version, PLEASE tell you agree that Romeo looks like he could be related to Zac Efron?? At least Zac Efron alla HSM.

I see it

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